Party Food

Favourite of the kids – multi coloured sweet jelly (Exp 1/13) No matter how heavy is dinner, a dose of fresh broccolis tone things down (Exp 1/60)


The usual expression from the Big Boss


White pebbles washed, dried and placed back on the garden


Caught my son enjoying his meal at A&W restaurant

Boarding Time

Boarding Board – Old School


Another shot from Port Dickson, a cooling coconut tree just next to the beach


A stranded wood found on the shores of Port Dickson

Unstoppable Sun

A bright sun light peering out from the lush greenery somewhere in Port Dickson

Iranian Cookies

A boxful of Iranian Cookies costing 45,000 Rials or approximately RM16

The Peaks

Damavand Mountain – caught this from the plane as approaching Tehran – it was almost in the evening

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