Chennai Chinese Food

It may not have the same taste of Malaysian Chinese dishes but Chinese food in Chennai has it’s own unique taste. Service and preparation was not that bad too Surprisingly the crab meat… Continue reading

Colourful Seats

Caught this when travelling to Chennai, India recently – great colours that makes a less dull trip

The Player

Took my son out for shopping but he ended up at the gaming centre, going through the various gaming machine and ended up playing most of it The player in action and in… Continue reading

Valaikappu Part 2

3 items that was sent out…

Valaikappu Part 1

Note: Valaikappu is a ceremony is performed during the odd months of pregnancy mostly during the seventh month for the expectant mother in her mother’s house. We got invited for one last week… Continue reading

Badminton Styles

Birthday Cake

My son’s 3rd birthday cake which was specially hand-picked by the birthday boy himself

Brunei Mosque

I captured this very beautiful mosque in the city centre in Brunei with an interesting skyline (it was about to rain) last year

Beach Sky

Sunset over beaches in Pangkor

Camera Shy

One camera shy birthday girl

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