Black & White Series Part 1

It seems like seeing a photo without the full glory of colors reveals something else – the details of the subject. So when I thought of updating my photo blog, I decided to run through the collection of photos from my recent trip to China. This particular shots was taken when we had a free day off on one of the weekends. We took the train and headed towards Nanjing Road – a well know tourist spot in Shanghai. The so-called square was simply amazing and plenty of opportunity for interesting photo shots.

We were walking around when I came across this man sitting on a concrete structure. He was well dressed for the occasion and seemed to be happy passing his time looking at others walking past him (Note – all photos were taken with the 12MP Nokia N8 smartphone).

Prior to trip to square at Nanjing Road, we stopped a couple stations away for shopping of clothes – this particular road was famed for vendors and shopping complexes selling latest fashion in clothes. But what struck me as I stood by the road side where the odd things like this KFC sign-board – there was something strange about seeing Colonel Sanders smiling at the crowd who is busy shopping for clothes.

Pre-war buildings plentiful, bringing us to another era in the past. This kind of reminded me of those old movies that portrayed Shanghai in the 1930s, before the start of the war.

This actually is not an old tram but rather one “cooked up” for tourists. We did not really see an actual tram in the city but a smaller sized replica seemed to be just enough for us. It was too small for us – we opted to walk instead.

We may have seen a replica of an old tram but not all is old – this police buggy that run on electricity is one of the new additions for crowd control and general policing. Seeing a police buggy in the thick of the crowd was reassuring.

To be continued…

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