On hold

Some things are best to be kept on hold…

Sometime in September last year, Yvy said this to me “congrats on new blog n hopefully u can cope with the ‘kepeningan’ that comes with it. I also manage 2 blogs and the other seems to be very badly neglected. ‘kesian’….” And she was right.

I had taken a lot of photos at home and on travel but somehow felt that it should not be mixed with the normal post in this blog. I also wanted to write the story behind each photos rather than using them as an accessory for my regular post. So, I went and created a new blog for the photos. Full of excitement in the beginning but after 5 months and 34 posts (ya, it very low) later, I neglected to do more posting. Citing lack of time was an easy excuse but that is not the only excuse.

I have been thinking on what to do on the photo blog (to make it better and attractive) and been visiting a lot of photo blogs for ideas. Taking photos had not been a big problem – I have tons of photos from my last trip to Kabul. But to put the photo in a creative way been a challenge too. Probably I lost steam to continue to take photos (I have not touched the camera since I came back from Kabul) and keep up with the fairly detailed writing for each of the photos. Probably I need a new camera.

(Picture source: http://www.digitalreview.ca and not necessarily the camera to be bought, haha)

DSLR camera prices are coming down each time a new model comes into the market. When I was in Dubai, a Nikon D40 was going for DHS2,499 but that is because Nikon D40X was introduced and that was going for almost DHS3,499 (DHS1,000 difference but yes, for a lot more features too). I saw in the papers couple days ago – a Canon pro consumer digital camera was going for RM1,699. And with a big wedding coming up in August, I might be “upgrading” my old camera to a DSLR or something that has plenty of manual settings.

Hopefully, with a new toy to play around and getting a better shot of things that I missed in the past (like a full moon over the hills in Kabul); I hope to re-launch the photo blog. But until then, it will be on a long, long hiatus and photos will be posted in this blog.

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